Texas Size Sandwiches For Hearty Appetites

There are not many sandwich places that will truly make up a lunch that is more like a meal. At the Brown Bag Deli located at 702 Main Street in Downtown Houston the sandwiches are so large they can be shared with a friend. For folks who have hearty appetites, this isn’t any ordinary lunch experience on the go.

Infinite Combinations For Lunch

The menu is literally on a brown sandwich bag that you pick up at the front door. There is also a link on their site where you can download and print a menu before leaving the office. First, check off the items you want on your sandwich. For anyone who ever thought ordering a latte at Starbuck’s was complex, the Brown Bag Deli has six kinds of cheese to choose from. And that’s just the cheese category! Next, take it to the counter and the great staff behind the glass case of ingredients will personalize your order. Because the line at lunch time is nearly out the door, you do have a few moments to consider your options.

Brown Bag Deli Downtown Houston

Here is your Brown Bag Deli menu to the infinite lunch possibilities. How many options will you check off?

The Brown Bag Deli has four locations around Houston. They each have different hours of operation with a focus on lunch time, so check first before you head to one. You can also order party trays for any occasion. Considering how much competition there is for sandwich style restaurants at an affordable price, the Brown Bag Deli just may become your new favorite. It’s quickly becoming one of ours. We can’t get enough of their medium rare roast beef with provolone cheese.