Houston Downtown Beer Cellar

An East Coast-based craft beer concept has opened its first Houston location in the historic Bayou Lofts building in downtown. Craft Beer Cellar opened its 5,200-square-foot Houston storefront at 907 Franklin with an remarkably beautiful restoration of the interior space. Steve Labac returns to Houston downtown excited to reconnect with the neighborhood. This Houston Downtown Beer Cellar is sure to be a neighborhood gather hot spot!

The Craft Beer Cellar is “a place for the beer geek,” to perfect their beer tasting. The brick-and-mortar will house three different concepts — a retail portion, a taproom and an event space.

The retail portion of the Craft Beer Cellar sells bottles, cans or kegs of more than 100 Houston craft beers, several hundred kinds of craft beer from Texas and hundreds more from around the U.S. and the world. In total, over 800 craft beers are being sold. The taproom will eventually offer more than 100 different beers on tap.

“Oftentimes, they are the only store in the city that has country-specific beers,” Radom said.

Event Space For Lease

The event space will be located in the middle portion of the business. It is an open space where Craft Beer Cellar holds classes on craft beer-specific topics, such as how to brew beer, what kinds of glasses you should drink certain kinds of beer from and more. The space will also be available for parties and gatherings.


Opening soon with Walker Texas Ranger which is a nice Asian-Texas style food.