Our Story – Downtown Houston Pizza

My mom, Sonali Patel, and I opened Bombay Pizza Co. in December of 2009 as an Indian-Italian pizzeria. A pizzeria that serves Italian cuisine graced with Indian herbs and spices. Our downtown Houston pizza is different from any you’ve ever had. We serve Pizzas, Pasta, Mini-Burgers, Soup & Salads, Desserts and a diverse selection of beverages ranging from local & international beers to all-natural sodas imported from India.

Our Pizza

We have created pizzas with indulgent Indian favorites like Tandoori Chicken, Saag Paneer, and our homemade Cilantro-Mint Chutney. In keeping with Italian tradition we have lasagna, chicken parmagiana, and chicken scaloppini spiced with Tandoori masala. We also carry Indian “street food” classics. For example Vada Pav (A masala laced Potato Burger), and the flavor packed Kati Roll that originated in Calcutta, a century ago. Our rolls feature Tandoori spiced chicken and Paneer, a light yet firm Indian style cheese.

At Bombay Pizza Co., we realize many of you have traveled to India or might be planning to in the near future. Bring us a picture descriptive of your experience. The picture won’t be complete without YOU in the front and a part of India in the background.