La Fisheria Seafood and Mexican Cocina

La Fisheria, Seafood & Mexican Cocina is an award winning restaurant in downtown Houston, specializing in authentic Mexican coastal cuisine and cocktails. Seafood dishes like five styles of ceviche, octopus and shrimp tacos, shrimp tamales, tuna tostadas, oysters and whole grilled fish, complement a range of meat dishes, soups and salads. winner of Houston’s Best Mexican Restaurant by Houston Press, La Fisheria serves both lunch and dinner, and features a fun downtown happy hour with exotic and affordable beer, wines, cocktails and tapas sized bar bites.

What You Can Expect

This is a city built on business and practicality. When it comes to restaurants, Houston is Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire jumping up and down screaming, “Show me the money!” except when it comes to dining out, substitute the word “value” for “money.” If restaurants can’t do that, nothing else really matters.

In this new incarnation, neither Chavez nor his branded merchandise is apparent. It feels like an improvement. Having a chef’s celebrity-ness in your face kind of cheapens the dining experience. It’s good to see that La Fisheria’s focus now seems to truly be on the food. (It would be great if the restaurant would finally get its website up and running, though.) These days, the dishes are simpler and more streamlined than in the beginning.  (the start of that process was noted in former Houston Press restaurant critic Katharine Shilcutt’s review), and although it’s sad that some of the more complex dishes are gone (good-bye, duck, chorizo and mussels stew), clearly this wasn’t a bad direction in which to go.

La Fisheria’s Houston location has made a much-needed move out of the two-story house on Inker Street and into downtown. It was a spacious place near the junction of Shepherd and I-10. It was not actually visible from either thoroughfare. Conveniently now located in the Arts District. It’s ideal for dining before theater, symphony, ballet and film events.