Welcome To Live Sports Bar & Grill

Live Sports Bar & Grill is Downtown Houston’s hot spot for catching all the action of the game. Whether you want to watch Harden going hard on the court or Dallas Keuchel bringing it home, you won’t miss one second of the game as you enjoy appetizing meals surrounded by fellow fans.

When it comes to entrees, we’ve got a wide selection of local favorites. Treat your tastebuds to wings that come in five butt-kicking flavors. Get your cajun on with our grilled seafood plates or try it fried in our seasoned cornbread batter. We’ve got burgers, pork chops, and quesadillas too! Our goal is to serve only the tastiest entrees that will make a fan out of any Houstonian.

And, of course, you can’t forget the bar. We keep an ever-evolving selection on tap to keep things exciting. We invite you to join us for a drinks, good eats, and the action of the game!

There is so much that goes on beyond the front door that you would not know. Live music on weekends with a nice sized dancing area. Add an area for bottle service is you’d like a quieter setting to entertain. Then go upstairs to the patio area for an outdoor experience and the view of downtown Houston is awesome.