The Minuti Coffee Experience

Minuti Coffee Stores are your neighborhood’s favorite meeting place. The place that makes your coffee in the morning, that makes your favorite pasta for lunch, that loves your iPod. You will feel at home because we make living local, easy.

The Experience

We’re constantly striving to reduce our impact on the environment. Wherever we can we recycle, use sustainable materials, technologically smart machinery and renewable energy we do. Our paper cups are some of the most eco-friendly in the world.


Well this is reason we got involved in the first place. A love of the black stuff and the society that surrounds it. We take our business very seriously. Our blends are unique to us, each created by our roast master in Italy. Then sealed for freshness and the flown into our depots here in the US. The operation is slick but has to be, it is what we do better than anybody else!


Can you imagine, a coffee store with Italian roots, one that wears the Italian flag so proudly, being anything than a hotbed of young, hip and passionate people? You get everything you would expect from Minuti’s crew. A vibrant team that’s love for coffee is genetic. Well trained, well drilled and very well dressed.


There’s no Italian, like an American Italian! America and Italy are linked in legend forever. Italian’s have always prospered in America and Minuti is no different. Minuti is a 100% American company, selling 100% Italian coffee. Our sister company is Molinari Caffee. This meaning is we are the only place in the whole of the US of A that you can enjoy the molinary brand. Lastly we’re not going anywhere anytime soon!