The Morton’s Experience

How it all began…
Morton’s actually exists today because of…hamburgers! Years ago, before co-founders Arnie Morton and Klaus Fritsch really knew one other, they both worked at the Playboy Club in Montreal. The club was changing the menu, and Klaus cooked a hamburger that was sent out for Arnie to try. Arnie burst into the kitchen, demanding to know “Who cooked that hamburger?”  When Klaus stepped forward, he wasn’t sure if Arnie was going to be pleased or not but was relieved to hear him say that it was the best he’d ever tasted. From that day forward, they called it the “Million-Dollar Hamburger”!

More than 3 decades later…
Our 69 restaurants has grown, but the vision is the same today as it was when we opened our first restaurant in Chicago in 1978. Quality. Consistency. Genuine Hospitality.

Driven by the desire to provide genuine hospitality–for our guests and our employees–we offer a setting where people truly care about one another, and show it in everything they do. The high level of respect and enthusiasm that runs through our entire organization is evident in many ways, including the longevity of our staff and managers, some of whom have been with us for decades.

Achievements are not limited to the four walls of the restaurants. Our culture is one that’s also committed to community service, both locally and nationally.

USDA Prime-Aged Beef: The Top 2% of Beef Available in the U.S….and at Morton’s!

Steak: What Morton’s Does Best!

Since day one, we have used the same suppliers for our aged prime beef and other meat. They select the best of their inventory for us–and if it doesn’t meet Morton’s standards, it doesn’t get cut for our steaks.

When we say that we offer “The Best Steak…Anywhere,” we mean it!

What does “Prime” mean?
“Prime” is the highest quality grade designation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in terms of tenderness, juiciness and flavor. This quality grade is determined by maturity and marbling scores, with abundant marbling being required. Less than 2 percent of the nation’s beef supply earns the designation of “Prime” beef. Our Prime Beef at Morton’s is aged for 23-28 days and is custom-cut per Morton’s specification, by network of experienced meat cutters, which assures the highest quality. Our meat arrives fresh to our locations ready to partake in the ultimate dining experience!

What’s Morntons’ Secret

It’s not a secret anymore! Most of our recipes and tips have been published in Morton’s Steak Bible and Morton’s The Cookbook.

Here are some quick tips that will help you enjoy your steak at home or on the grill.

  1. Buy your beef from a butcher, reputable catalog or online service. If you end up at the supermarket, ask the butcher to cut the meat for you instead of buying the pre-packaged cuts.
  2. Look for beef that is a true red with creamy flecks of fat (called marbling)
  3. Remove the meat from your refrigerator at least 30 minutes before cooking. The steaks should be an inch and a half to two inches in thickness. Meat should be room temperature before you cook it.
  4. Never pierce the beef, otherwise you will lose all the juices inside that make the beef tender and flavorful.
  5. Cook on the grill at the hottest temperature possibly, at least between 425-450 degrees, and make sure the beef has a nice dark char on the outside, then flip it only once to cook the other side.
  6. Great Prime beef should be served rare (cool to warm, red center) or medium rare (warm, pink center).