About Our Mixed Drinks

Alex Gregg, along with his partners Brad Moore and Ryan Rouse, all bar guys at their core, agree that this  space  — Hollywood style banquettes up front, antique crystal and brass chandeliers over the bar and lots of low light from candles — is exactly what they envisioned for the sliver of a room perfect for a long, dark bar while enjoying your Mixed Drinks.

The space boasts a fully equipped kitchen, dubbed the Workshop, where the talented staff can create house made shrubs, syrups, tinctures and fresh juices, carbonated sodas and basically play at developing new concoctions for our guests to enjoy.  And during the bar’s  renovation, play they did, within a framework of categories – spirit, flavor profile, glass type and style. The results are a collection of classically styled drinks with a contemporary edge.

If you are a fan of history and etymology, don’t hesitate to ask your barkeeps about the interesting names of their cocktails – they gave that as much thought as the drink itself and there’s an interesting story behind each of them. The bar stocks a wide array of spirits from Amari and Fortified Wines to a deep selection of Bourbon and International Whiskeys, Rum and Agave.  The cocktail program offers guests tried and true classic drinks, as well as a dozen or so original cocktails created by the entire bar crew featuring unique flavor combinations that you will be unable to find anywhere else.

“Everything tastes better when you’re in a good mood.”

Cocktails – Mixed Drinks

We feature an ever changing selection of modern craft cocktails, prepared using cutting edge techniques alongside time honored bartending traditions, using the best spirits and mixers and the highest quality produce.


There’s more to a great cocktail than quality booze and fresh juice.  Quality ice really does make a difference – and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.  At Moving Sidewalk we feature multiple types of ice, including our hand chiseled, crystal clear cubes, made in house daily.


We believe that going out for drinks should be fun, and we do our best to make sure that you’re having it when you’re here.  From our music selections, to our easy going approach to hospitality, we know that if we’re having a good time, then you probably are too.