The Ultimate Steaks Experience

We pride ourselves on our straightforward approach to serving our Guests the best steaks: We buy the highest-quality ingredients, use a timeless recipe, and cook it flawlessly each and every time.

Superior Beef Starts At The Source

Putting a mouthwatering steak on the plate starts with sourcing the best cuts of beef. We get all our beef from a single packer in the Midwest, allowing us to retain tight quality control. We use corn-fed beef, and USDA Prime graded cuts – the highest quality rating. An important characteristic of prime beef is the marbling within the beef. This makes the meat very moist and flavorful when prepared properly. Because we serve so much beef and take the time to dry age the meat in-house, we rely on efficient forecasting to ensure we never have shortages.

We Only Serve 100% USDA Prime Beef
We also source our lamb and seafood fresh directly from suppliers. We serve superior American lamb from Colorado, which is larger, plumper, more tender and more flavorful than the smaller New Zealand breed typically found on restaurant menus.

Keeping It In House

Before we can dry age the meat, it has to be butchered. Pappas Bros. Steakhouse has taken the unique step of hiring butchers full time to cut our beef – and our lamb – in-house. Most restaurants buy pre-packaged, pre-portioned meats. We buy primal cuts of beef and lamb, and our highly experienced butchers cut them down using our on-site saws, so we get the perfect portions.

Dry Aging Elicits The Fullest Flavor

Our in-house dry-aging process is what thoroughly sets our steaks apart. Dry-aging is a classic process for developing flavor. The meat is placed in a humidity-controlled freezer for a minimum of 28 days. As the moisture in the meat evaporates, the beef stays tender and juicy and develops a nuttier flavor. Some steakhouses tout dry-aged steaks, but they only serve one dry-aged cut or they buy their meat already dry-aged. At Pappas Bros., we control the dry-aging and we serve a variety of dry-aged cuts to suit many palates.