The Bombay Grill – Houston Downtown Indian Restaurant

While there are many Indian restaurants in and around the Houston metro, none quite hits the spot quite like Bombay Grill located in downtown Houston. Houston Downtown Indian Restaurant that is authentic.

About Indian Cuisine

India boasts some of the most diverse and flavorful dishes on the planet. Each mouth-watering morsel, from first bite to last, bursts with brilliant spices perfected in India for hundreds of years. The art of Indian cuisine finds its way to your table after having been refined through generations of perfecting each recipe. Authentic Indian cuisine is not something that happens by accident. Careful attention to details and crafting each and every bite results in a meal that is worth sharing time and time again.

More Than Just Curry Powder

A common misconception by many who are new to Indian food is that curry powder is the primary ingredient. Another common misconception is that “curry” is a specific dish, when in fact it embodied by a wide class of various Indian dishes. A curry is simply a sauce; however, there is nothing simple about the sauces. Let us explain: each curry is blended to exact perfection according to its respective recipe. Each recipe has a unique blend of exotic spices and base ingredients. To further demonstrate the uniqueness of the Indian curry, another consideration is the region from which the recipe finds its origin. For example a particular curry may have the same name and similar ingredients in one part of the continent, and yet taste completely unique to another similar recipe from a farther reaching area of India.