Holiday Bliss Is Served

One of your favorite holiday treats has returned. Celebrate the flavors of cream cheese icing, tart dried cranberries and a sweet orange zest drizzle.

Starbucks Coffee Passport

Our Starbucks® Coffee Passport is going digital. Explore the world of coffee on the go, take tasting notes, learn how to brew, discover food pairings and more.

  • Mobile Order & Pay

    Mobile Order & Pay

  1. Starbucks Digital Network
    We’re bringing the most interesting stuff on the web right to your comfy chair. It’s the Starbucks Digital Network.
  2. Wi-Fi
    Our coffee brings people together – and our Wi-Fi service helps keep them connected. Learn how to surf while you sip at Starbucks.Google Wi-Fi (U.S.)
    allstream Wi-Fi (Canada)
  3. Mobile Applications
    You can use your phone to pay for your purchases at Starbucks. It’s fast, easy and convenient.
  4. Store Design
    What makes a Starbucks coffeehouse such a vibrant and inviting space? A philosophy of community and environmental responsibility.