Welcome To Caspian Enterprises – Lofts

Caspian Enterprises, Inc. is a developer, builder and owner-operated. The very unique residential lofts and live-work complexes near and around downtown Houston, Texas.

Currently, we own industrial/commercial properties, develop town homes and multi-family units. We also manage residential & live/work complexes in the urban area of Houston. Our near future goal is to narrow our focus to only urban residential and live-work complexes. Caspian Enterprises, Inc. is a family owned business where you, the customers, have our full attention. If you desire to live in an apartment complex this is not for you. Should you be looking for a unique urban live-work/residential life style then this building is perfect.

Historical Information

The Wagon Works building was renovated in 2004. The new owner has taken pains to update the building while at the same time keeping much of its original charm. Dating back to 1910, the Wagon Works building now houses art studios, commercial studios and residential lofts. Located in north east part of Downtown Houston near Minute Maid Park is Wagon Works complex. The complex is the Wagon Works, Western Electric Pittsburg plate and Glass buildings. These buildings are designated Houston Historic Landmarks.  Composed of true hard lofts for residential use and office space. A favorite for architects, graphic designers, artists, etc.

About The Buildings Structure

Open floor plan and high ceilings up to 14 feet. Includes exposed structural elements bricks, beams, columns electrical and plumbing pipes. Also includes rudimentary finishes gives this live/work complex an urban flavor un equaled in Houston. What makes this complex particularly unique is that of the 32 residential lofts there are 32 different floor plans.