Sundance Cinemas Offers Movie Viewing for Grown-Ups

Is it just us, or is every trip to the cinema starting to blend into one? The same multiplex vibe with 48 screens showing the same movie. The same jaded staff looking like they haven’t seen the sun in ten days. Don’t even get us going on the movies up on screen. That’s a whole other conversation. Luckily for Downtown Houston, the good people at Sundance Cinemas are breathing new life into the movie experience.

The Customer’s Needs Come First

Located in Bayou Place at the intersection of Smith Street and Texas Avenue, Sundance Cinemas is part of a small, independent chain of theaters across the country. It is one of only six, in fact, and right away the environment feels far more personal and intimate than any of the other gigantic chains of theaters. The staff knows their movies and are avid cinephiles who want you to feel at home. This isn’t just another mission statement thought up in a boardroom to look good on paper. At Sundance Cinemas you genuinely feel like you are in the company of people who care about movies.

Comfy seats with a place for your adult beverages and snacks.

Comfy seats with a place for your adult beverages and snacks.

The range of movies on offer feels way more curated than your average theater. Yes, you can still see this week’s latest big studio blockbuster, and yes, you will find kids movies on the menu, but you will also find so much more, from niche comedy to festival favorites to one-off events and shows.

Give Me The Good Stuff

Right now is an exciting time for independent cinema, both in the US and worldwide. Yet many of today’s great filmmakers complain that it is harder than ever to get their stuff out to a wider audience on the big screen. Sundance Cinemas is doing its best to address this issue, while providing a great all around cinema experience. The concessions menu includes a choice of crafted beers and wines and specialty coffees. Their theatre spaces feel both comfortable and intimate, with wide seats that have tables for your food and drinks.