Market Square Tower Dazzles in Downtown Houston

There are very few places in Houston that live up to the meaning of the word “luxury”. In fact, the word “luxury” isn’t even appropriate to describe Market Square Tower in Downtown Houston. It’s more like, “exquisite.” Construction is still happening on this building, but folks are moving in.

Located at 777 Preston Street, if you look straight up you can see the swimming pool from the street. If anyone is in the pool they can see you too. Through the floor. That’s right.

Market Square Tower Downtown Houston

Interior of Market Square Tower in Downtown Houston.

Rental prices start at $3200 per month. If you think you’re going to be able to list on AirBnB, not so fast. First, it will not be tolerated. Second, security in this place is tight. Leaving the key in a lockbox isn’t an option.