Beer Knurds Rule at the Flying Saucer

The first thing that grabs you after the doorman greets you at the Flying Saucer, one of downtown Houston’s premiere destinations for beer connoisseurs, are the names on the walls. They’re everywhere. Each name is neatly stenciled onto its very own plate with a quote to go with it. It turns out these are the voices of the ‘Beer Knurds’, patrons of the Flying Saucer who have notched up a personal tally of 200 different beers.

That’s right – 200!

No frosty mugs at the Flying Saucer! When was the last time you had a great beer?

No frosty mugs at the Flying Saucer! When was the last time you had a great beer?

I can’t think of too many bars where that would even be possible. If Forbes did a Who’s Who of Beers, it would probably look a lot like the drinks menu at the Flying Saucer. It’s really easy to sign up to take in the challenge. You get your very own ‘Beer Knurds’ T-shirt and a new life goal along with it. Who wouldn’t want to make it up on the wall and have your very own epitaph for future generations?

Craft Beer at its Finest

The craft beer movement has really taken off in the past few years and Texas has some of the finest local breweries around. My personal favorite is the Real Ale Brewing Company out of Blanco, Texas. Their unpasteurized Devil’s Backbone is sublime. Due to the fact it’s so full of flavor you’ll find yourself questioning what a beer can and should be.

The wait staff at the Flying Saucer take great pride in sharing their knowledge of the beers on offer. There are appetizers, IPA’s, dessert beers and great snacks and entrees. There’s something for everyone at the corner of Main and Capitol.

The Lowdown on Your New Favorite Local Pub

Expect a lively and friendly atmosphere 7 days a week. If you’re looking for a great deal, they don’t come much better than $3 beer night on Mondays. I have a number of friends visiting soon from out of town and the first place I’m taking them is the Flying Saucer.