Tour Downtown on Houston Bike Bar

One of the more unusual tour opportunities we’ve seen in Downtown Houston is the sight of two BikeBars going down Main Street. Two what? For the uninitiated, a bike bar is just what it sounds like. It is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage) bike for 14 people that pedals around as fast (or as slow) as that many feet will allow. As you cruise by Downtown Houston Hotels and Clubs, the Houston BikeBar stops along the way at some bars.

Tour around Downtown Houston on Houston BikeBar, a unique and fun way to see the city.

Tour around Downtown Houston on Houston BikeBar, a unique and fun way to see the city.

Forget the Pub Crawl – Book a BikeBar!

We’re not sure what they can clock over a quarter mile, but we’re pretty sure they’re just about the most fun way to get around with a group of your pals. One has to admit, it’s a pretty unique and ingenious idea. No matter how well you’ve organized a pub crawl with friends, there’s always that part between bars. You have to put down your glass and actually stop drinking. At Houston BikeBar they have solved that problem. Not only do you get to continue drinking as you pedal up the street to the next awesome hangout, but think of all those calories you are burning along the way.

Houston Bike Bar provides you and your friends with a great view of the sites.

Party and Pedal at the Same Time

Each BikeBar seats up to 14 people plus your friendly neighborhood guide. It comes equipped with some of the most kick-ass, bass-pumping sound equipment on the street. The party atmosphere can be heard for blocks, so it’s a good thing they don’t stay in one place. Every time we see these quirky wagons out, we’re always a bit jealous that we’re not at the party. Why not take your next office party onto the streets? We can’t promise that all that legwork will keep your hangover at bay, but it’s gotta be worth a shot. Book your next tour around Downtown Houston soon.