Houston Escape Room Provides Unique Entertainment

How many team building workshops has your company done? How much fun were they? Do you remember learning about yourself or others? Houston Escape Room brings team building and entertainment to another level. Located at 100 Jackson Street and Commerce, this Downtown Houston entertainment spot has openings to book now. You might learn a thing or two about problem solving.


What is an Escape Room?

Forget any horror movie where the plot is based on locking up a bunch of strangers. At Houston Escape Room, you can tailor your experience to suit you and up to 9 other people. To ensure your experience is well rounded, bookings start with a minimum of 4. You “escape” the room by solving clues and puzzles with your team. It’s a great chance to see how well your peers work well under pressure and how they interact with one another. For a larger corporate team building experience, Houston Escape Room can accommodate up to 30 individuals. Current challenges have names such as, “Mo’s Safehouse”, “Grandma Codebreaker”, and “The Scarlet Scam.” The team at Houston Escape Room is constantly coming up with new designs and enhancing their challenges.

Talk out with your teammates how you can "escape" the room at Houston Escape Room.

Talk out with your teammates how you can “escape” the room at Houston Escape Room.

Houston Escape Room Features

As any other entertainment business in Downtown Houston, Houston Escape Room has a variety of features. Challenges are offered in English and in Spanish. A facilitator is in the room to ensure the experience is moving along. They offer both public and private events. The choice is yours.Individual pricing is available and depends on the type of experience at the time of booking. If you didn’t know what to give someone for their last birthday, gift vouchers are available. Also, because this business care about accessibility, Houston Escape Room does have a ramp. If you have an event after hours, the city of Houston does have free parking at the meters after 6:00pm. Keep in mind that if there are any Astros games, as it is very near to Minute Maid ballpark. We hope you have a great time. Book your experience now!