LEVEL Office Makes You Feel at Home

Coworking office space is the most sought after working environment in the country. At LEVEL Office in Downtown Houston, you can make yourself at home and be professional at the same time. When you enter their location at 405 Main Street and Preston, you are first greeted by the staff who manages this property. Depending on your needs, it’s as simple as choosing what you need from their business plans and amenities.

Meeting In A Professional Office Environment

LEVEL Office memberships start at $199 per month, making this a sought after location. The 7th floor coworking space of this historical building is drenched in natural light and is an open floor plan.

The available amenities such as large screen monitors and administrative services make for an industrious working environment. The furnishings are tastefully chosen with bright colors to add energy to the space. When you walk through, the mass appeal to LEVEL Office is evident by the variety of businesses who chose to office here and the types of people you meet in the open environment. There are attorneys, independent consultants, non-profit organizations, marketing and design businesses and more.

Artistic Touches Throughout LEVEL Encourage Creativity

The artistic touches in the LEVEL Office can be found in the textures in the floors, walls and ceilings. The multiple light fixtures in the open space have an industrial flair. Maybe with so many light bulbs overhead, it’s impossible to not have good ideas when working here! The tables in their conference rooms are made from recycled wood with imperfections and colorful roughness. The kitchen has a state of the art coffee bar, drinks, snacks and beer tap. has boldly patterned tiling. There is no fear of color in this space with boldly patterned tiling.

With a 5 star staff who manages the workspace, going to work is a refreshing change of pace at LEVEL Office. With all of the advantages of being a professional environment, why wouldn’t you move your business into Downtown Houston? To book your tour today to check out LEVEL Office for yourself, click here.